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The Art of Avoiding PPL presents new work from Jose Dominguez and includes several large-scale mixed-media works along with smaller-scale drawings. Using figuration, text, bright colors and bold lines Dominguez captures the energy and tensions that underpin our relationships to those closest to us-- our friends and family, and those we unexpectedly share space with-- strangers. The artist confesses a love-hate relationship with “people.”

Dominguez presents his narrative as an ongoing stream of consciousness punctuated by satirical cartoons and fragmented text, clips of dialogue and slang. He applies a minimal style with a bright, pleasing color palette. All at once, his figures contort in discomfort, convey humor and emanate sadness. Some figures appear to be autobiographical, while the inclusion of other characters and non-human shapes further the notion of a universal human experience. Intentional simplicity creates safe, comfortable space for the artist first, and potentially, for the audience. In today’s highly political and divisive world, we practice more and more the art of avoidance. This exhibition reflects the process of an artist working through the general anxiety and acceptance of societal pressures in an effort to find figurative space where he can freely breathe, create, connect and disconnect. Underpinning this body of work is the question: “at the end of the day… don’t we all just want the same things?”


Jose Dominguez lives and works in Minneapolis, MN. His artistic practice spans design, drawing, painting, mixed-media, typography, audio mixes, and graphic stories. Dominguez’s earlier work was rooted in the exploration and reflection of growing up as a Hispanic in the United States and the struggle in finding his place. His recent work has evolved into an exploration of stream of consciousness, attempting to make peace with circumstances, a range of emotions, absurd and honest without a beginning or end.

His past exhibitions include El Pueblo De Enmedio: Illusions Del Desert, Watkins Gallery, Winona State University, Let There Be Space: And There was Space, in Beijing, China, and Ilumíname (Enlighten Me) as part of the Rochester Art Center’s Local Artist Exhibition Series. Dominguez participated in the Soap Factory 3x5 Residency for Emerging Artists in 2016. His work is included in the permanent collection of the National Museum of Mexican Art in Chicago. Dominguez received his BA degrees in Graphic Design and Studio Art from Winona State University.

This activity is made possible by the voters of Minnesota through a grant from the Metropolitan Regional Arts Council, thanks to a legislative appropriation from the arts and cultural heritage fund.