A Place / A Space


Public Functionary positively contributes to the quality of life in the Twin Cities through provocative, category-defying events. PF is a space for grassroots cultural organizing and production across disciplines: visual art, performance, music, and more. 

An evolving platform, Public Functionary continually self-reflects to responsibly address the social, political and cultural fabric in which it operates. As "gallery" space, PF presents and hosts art exhibitions and art experiences without hierarchy or gatekeeper practices-- challenging the white cube model and constructing instead, an inclusive representation of art, creativity and innovation.

At PF, artists and creative practitioners take risk, gain valuable experience, share new work and build their communities. PF attracts a diverse public, open to visionary and flexible ideas around programming art space. By disrupting gallery norms, we consider what it means to truly center the creative practices of artists, curators and cultural producers who have been under-valued by mainstream and institutional art systems.

Public Functionary was founded in 2013 in Northeast Minneapolis by independent creatives and curators collaborating to develop a "new kind of art space, a responsive art space." They followed an intuitive notion that visual art spaces in the Twin Cities needed to evolve to become more inclusive. A $31,000 crowdfunding campaign contributed by 237 backers from the arts community seeded the idea. 

Since then, Public Functionary has followed a fluid effort to shift dominant gallery culture. PF provides space to escape into artist imagination while also providing space to delve deeper into critical social, cultural and political issues. PF thrives on changing the status quo.

We celebrate art and artists and their role in our world. We are building a practice and philosophy rather than an organization. 

Public Functionary is operated by Tricia Heuring and Mike Bishop but programmed by community. Many perspectives create PF's vibrant energy and define the purpose of this space. Public Functionary is a collective work in progress. 



Truth and acknowledgement are critical to building mutual respect and difference. We begin this effort to acknowledge what has been buried by honoring the truth. Public Functionary acknowledges the Dakota and Ojibwe Nations as the original people of the land in which we live and work.