Everything must grow

We are taking a leap and closing a chapter with the current space. Over the next year we’re looking forward to flowing like water, in search of new shapes to fill.  


What is Public Functionary?

Find out more in this video recap from our summer event, Pool Party, that brought artists, musicians, performers and PF community together to celebrate space and culture.

For the past 7 years we have been a “space,” but with our recent decision to leave our current home, we’re floating into the unknown until we open a new space. Public Functionary will change forms (read more on Studio #400) and even do pop-ups in various venues. Stay connected and follow our journey in the coming months through the newsletter sign-up below. Or follow us on social media (Instagram is our fav).


STUDIO #400 

We believe in the importance of cultivating creative space and prioritizing time to make art. A studio space and supportive art community are critical to an emerging artist career.


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